My current reads

Hey guys,

I am currently reading “Beware that girl” by Teresa Toten. It’s a cross between Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars. I have always been a person who enjoys reading books that are based in the high school or similar themes that have a mystery surrounding the characters.

So what’s this book about well, it’s about two characters Kate’o’ brian and Olivia. A classic Poor kid vs Rick kid story. It’s all about how both characters have secrets that they don’t wanna share it and it hurts their self-confidence and how they try to seek comfort in their confidantes as well as their lifestyle.

I haven’t finished reading the book yet but i think that it will be a great experience once I finish. It’s a book i would recommend it anyone who wants to know how to captivate their audience to continue reading till the end and since the book starts with a cliff hanger starting it only makes it so much more interesting.

Talking about Cliffhangers I think I have been diving deep into the world of American television. I have been watching American dramas since secondary 3, 15 years old. It’s a passion of mine to watch these dramas so that its fun and entertaining and keeps me at the edge of my seat and anticipating for something big to happen.

If you wanna know more about my favourite shows, wait till next post then. 

I can’t wait to talk to all you beautiful and handsome people.

Till Tomorrow!!




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