Different Perspectives 

Hi everyone,

I wanted to start this blog to write about Al the things that I find interesting in my life as well as review the books that I read. This is also going to be a place where I going share all my crazy thoughts!

For example, this past few day I have been wondering about what my life would be like if I was a different person like I See Me in different eyes …

Not like becoming a celebrity but more like changing your life for someone else and see what my life looks like for others around me!

But if I have to change to a celebrity I think I would want to be someone from the fashion industry as I love the way that modelling and designing the world around you is so intriguing and fun!!

It’s also like a rebellious move because I have a very conservative background so I want to know how I would have been if I was brought up by modern and independent parents like whether it would change the value I have or give me more values……

Wondering about life is something I do on a regular basis so please forgive me if I sound philosophical sometimes I am just very wistful….

Moving on I would also promise that I would review a book at the end of every blog post so if u agree with my opinions or like my book review please leave a comment to let you know more about you!!

First Book Review:

Book Title: Girl Online

Author: Zoe Suggs aka Zoella


I love the quirkiness of Penny it’s also a very romantic book and something about Noah would make every girl melt whether you are 60 or 16 !!

I also like how Zoe managed to describe the difference between the two countries UK and USA

It’s a good read if u feel like reading something that is an interesting and sweet boy I wouldn’t say it’s something that I would recommend if u are looking for a thrilling romantic novel it’s more a natural rom-com….

Rating: 3/5 😍 😂

That’s it, for now, hope to hear from the world and will be back real soon!!!😘😘😘💓💓💓💓💓💓💓

Love Ya,

Royal Lady Lydia


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